Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Herbal Essences Hairsprays

Like every girl I am always out on the look for products that will help me style my hair, and protect it from heat, while nourishing it at the same. One of my favorites looks is loose curl hairstyle. It's a sexy look that goes well for any occasion. You could either dress up or dress down with this hairstyle.

If you want to achieve Jennifer Lopez's hairstyle you should try Herbal Essences Set Me Up and Body Envy Hairsprays. These are the two products that help ME achieve this look. ;)

You could spray your whole head with Set Me Up before, and still have the manageability to style your hair as desired.
Once you finish styling your hair you could spray and hold your style with Body Envy for hours of volume and maneability. I love the products because they nourish my hair and they smell great!


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