Thursday, March 31, 2011

Keep Track to Stay on Track

Did you set a resolution at the beginning of this year? Do you continue to work towards this resolution or have you given up? Many studies shows people tend to abandon their new year's resolutions as the months pass by. If you like me would like to lose weight and need help keeping track or your caloric intake, and calories burned this post is for you.

I would like to share with you the apps on my Android market that have helped me keep track of my daily work outs and daily caloric intake.

My Fitness Pal
Rating: *****

-With one of the largest food databases on the Android Market this calorie counter, is a fast and easy way to keep up with your diet and goals.
-This app syncs with the web every time you enter a meal or snack, like this you can log online or on your phone is easier for you and you will never lose your data.
-This is not only a calorie tracker it also tracks, fat, protein, carbs, sugar, fiber, cholesterol, and much more!
-You can enter your own recipes and this app will calculate the nutritional values for you.
-You can also find support and motivation online from hundreds of thousands of people just like you.
-You will get customized goals based on your age, gender, weight, and more.
-With over 350 exercises in their database you can track both cardio and strength training.
-Record your weight daily and watch as that line on the chart drops a little more every day!
- & the best part is that it's FREE!

Run Keeper
Rating: ****

-This app uses GPS to track activities such as walking, running, cycling, hiking, skiing and more.
-Keeps a daily activity log, and you also have the option of manually entering in your activity for cardio equipment or a fitness class.
-Once you start activity it keeps track of your calories burned, average mph, and current pace of mph.
-You also have options to customize your privacy settings to see who views your results online and/or you could share your progress on Facebook/Twitter.

These are the two applications I use on a daily bases to track my progress. The third thing that I find the most helpful is my support group, my best friends and sister in law. We sign up for a fitness challenge every month and challenge each other at our competitive runs. If you don't have a partner at home and feel that you're on this boat alone, look around their are hundreds, thousands, of people and online supports group just like you.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Nutella Party

Thanks to Mommy Parties and Nutella for sponsoring this great party that I was selected to host. As a host I received a 26.5oz Jar of Nutella® hazelnut spread, 10 Nutella® spread sample packs and coupons for guests bags, 10 Nutella® spread guest bags, 10 Nutella® spread tumbler mugs, 10 Nutella® spread spreader, 10 Nutella® spread tip cards for guests. My package was delivered to my door and as soon as it arrived I started prepare the bags full of goodies to share with my friends. Many of my friends were introduced to Nutella for the first time, and they LOVED it. I can't wait to make the recipes I received for my family, specially the waffle sandwich. Thank you again for the great opportunity my guests and I had a great time, here are some pictures enjoy!

Funday Sunday

Yesterday after church we went to eat our fave food(Vietnamese) with the Garzas and after that we were on our way home and my husband tells me he wants to take my nephew to the flea market(I gave him the are you crazy?! look) only because he was on his way to drop me off at home! Do you know all the yummy treats I could buy at the pulga(flea market)?! Corn in a cup, raspas, chamoyadas, chicharrones, and I could keep going... Anyways, we get there and next thing you know we are on our way home. Good thing we left before I was able to get my hands on all those yummy treats and pack on some extra baggage I do not need. We get home and I realized my husband bought a harness to switch out my car stereo to a touch screen radio/DVD player, GOTTA LOVE HIM! My nephew decides he wants to help and of course the process takes them a little longer than it would've taken my husband if he was doing it alone. Once they finish my nephew runs inside the house super excited and literally drags me to the garage to show me their work. My nephew knows how excited I've been about the Hispanicize 2011 Conference and the great giveaway I entered to win a pass to the conference and he tells me: "Tia now that we have a DVD player in your car my tio and I could drive you to the conference!" If only it was as easy as driving me there, we live 1,500 miles away in Houston, TX. I just love his innocence and BIG heart! Thanks my loves, I enjoyed the sound of my favorite tunes this morning on my way to work.
They had to take the whole dashboard apart to get started!

The finished job... Thank you guys! :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Products 90% OFF!

For the past two weeks I've made a stop once a week by the CVS pharmacy close to my job. As soon as I opened the door to the left I found a sale table, 75-90% many products that ranged from wipes, hair dyes, shampoo, conditioners, Glade plugins, and much more. I grabbed a basket and quickly started filling it up! I checked the prices and after verifying that everything was on sale I had to decide what I really needed and not wanted(I had a really hard time with this)! Here are a few of the items I found on sale. I can't wait to see what deals I find this coming up week.

Neutrogena Nourishing Eye Quad-Moonlit Violet
Reg Price: $8-10 Sale Price: $2.04

Covergirl Volume Exact Mascara
Reg Price: $7.99 Sale Price: $1.04!!!

Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Liquid Makeup
Reg Price: $14.49 Sale Price: $1.45!!!

Glade Plugin
Reg Price: $4.99 Sale Price: $0.49 (I grabbed the last 3 I found)!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The winner is...

The winner for the Covergirl Looks @ Oscars Giveaway is:

Barbara said...

I followed your blog :-)

March 12, 2011 5:18 AM
Congrats Barbara! I've sent you an email, you have 48 hours to claim your prize.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A little about myself...

My name is Christy, I'm 24 years old and I currently work full time at a doctor's office as a receptionist. I am married to the love of my life, we have been together for seven years and are hoping that some day God will bless us with a beautiful, healthy baby. For the moment we are focused on each other, trying to grow together and enjoy life. I was born in Nuevo Laredo, Tamps, Mexico on October 13, 1986. I have two brothers and I was raised by a wonderful, strong, independent, hard working woman, whom I'm thankful to have as my mother! We moved to the United States when I was 12 years old, my mother raised me in Galveston, TX. She worked several jobs to provide me with everything I needed and wanted. What I enjoyed the most while living in the island was an afternoon walk on the beach with my mother, my friends, or my boyfriend,  now husband. I currently reside in Houston, TX. I miss the beach and all the great people I met while I was in middle and high school. When I was in high school I had the great opportunity to belong to different groups like BESTT, Hispanic Dance, LULAC, and the Spanish Honor Society which allowed me to help and educate others. I have always enjoyed meeting and helping people, in BESTT I got the opportunity to tutor children after school and help them with their struggling subjects in school. As a Latina one of my hobbies is dancing, in Hispanic Dance I had the opportunity to perform Bailes Regionales for my fellow classmates as well as put together performances for other schools. Folkloric Dancing allowed us to show the beauty of the region we were representing through the colorful dresses, choreographies, make up and hairstyles. Since I could remember I have been dancing different types of Bailes Regionales, representing Mi Mexico Lindo y Querido! A great way to express myself and represent my place of birth.
 On this pic I'm 5 years old, celebrating Las Fiestas Patrias and I'm wearing a handmade dress by mother with the design of the Mexican Flag!

I started my blog 8 months ago because with the responsabilities of being a "grown up" I don't have the same opportunities to get involved in my community as I did in my high school years. Through my blog I get to meet new people, share my day to day experiences, and review/recommend restaurants and products. I enjoy writing about beauty, health tips, local events, restaurants, and my hopes and dreams. So you might be asking yourself why the bio after 8 months? I am writting this post with the hopes of winning a pass to the Hispanicize 2011 conference in Los Angeles, CA. Hispanicize is a conference taking place from April 6-8 that focuses on Latino social media, blogging, and public realtions. This is a great opportunity to reach out meet Latino bloggers, expand my knowledge, give my opinion and express myself! It will be an honor and privelege to attend this conference that focuses on mi gente. Please give me this great opportunity!

The Chocolate Bar

Today I visited every chocolate lover's dream! The Chocolate Bar!! I explored all of the delicious treats, and even got to watch how they made some of the treats. I am not a BIG chocolate lover but I do love ice cream and cake and when I turned that corner and saw the ice cream and cake bar I was in heaven! So many homemade flavors with generous amounts of nuts and fresh fruits. I tried their snow berry ice cream, a mixture of chocolate dipped strawberries diced in white chocolate ice cream! Yummy! && I love their saying "Where Every Hour is Happy Hour!" If you live in Houston or are visiting and you're craving something sweet or chocolaty you need to definitely visit The Chocolate Bar.  

Amazing Ring Race hosted by Thomas Markle

After our 5k Race Against Violence I was informed I had another race to complete that same morning. I heard my sister in law and bestie talk about it but I didn't know we were actually participating! The Amazing Ring Race took place in the Woodlands, TX. This was my first time hearing and participating in the race. Once the hundreds of people were signed we were finally instructed on the rules of the game. You had to text a keyword to a number that was given to us, once our phone was synced we received our first challenge via text message. The game consisted of couples completing challenges and textings in their answers, if you answered correctly you will earn points. At the end of the game the couple with the most points will win a limited edition, hand carved diamond ring, valued at $15,000(courtesy of Thomas Markle). It was a fun way to get more exercise in my day, but I was dissapointed in various ways. First, I will text in the answer and it will tell me it was wrong when I was standing in front of the answer and I knew it was correct! Second, it will take minimum 5 minutes for them to reply telling me my answer was wrong and another 3 minutes for us to get our next challenge. We ran around the Woodlands Mall for 2 hours trying to complete these challenges, and finally we were told we had finished the quest and we had earned 28 points. We met up with our friends who were participating as well and headed back to the park to find out who the winner was. When we meet up again and asked them how many challenges they completed and how many points they earned they tell us they only completed 6 challenges and earned 28 points, how is that we completed 14 challenges and earned the same amount of points? When they announced the winning couple they did not seem a bit ectastic that they has just won a $15,000 ring, and we were told they earned 58 points. I had a lots of fun completing the challenges with my sister in law, and I would participate next year not only for the hope of winning the amazing prize but also for the fun!

Race Against Violence 5k Houston

Yesterday I did a 5k, 3.1 miles and let me tell you I was very disappointed in myself. First we arrived late, the race started promptly at 8:00am and we arrived at 8:10am! I crossed the start line at 8:14am and as I was crossing the start, the first male runner was crossing the finish line. I started at a steady pace and tried to focus on my breathing. I felt confident and I thought it was going to be a piece of cake... Well I was completely wrong! As I approached the mile 1 marker I started slowing down and as I crossed that marker I started walking. I tried to get on track and run but for some reason I just couldn't. The official time has not been uploaded but I know I did not do so good. I am no sure what went wrong, I will keep you guys updated and post the official time once I get it. Until the next race...

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rodeo Run Official Results

The official time is in and I did better than I thought!

Individual Detail
Race Chip Time Gun Time First 5K Second 5K Pace per Mile


 If you're looking for me in the video, I am to your far left towards the back. Once I get closer to the finish line I'm the girl with the ponytail swinging everywhere lol. 

Les Givral's Cafe

I have been to Les Givral's twice and can't wait to go again. I've tried their Thit Nuong Pate- chargrilled bbq pork with pate and Ga Nuong- chargrilled chicken. My sister in law loves their soups, I have yet to try them but what I do love is the aroma. Its a mixture of herbs and vegetables, I absolutely love! The sandwiches are only $2.50! Can't beat that price for the quality of the food. I'll be going back again and gain.  

Nail Art

Uno de mis pasatiempos favoritos son los esmaltes de uñas. Mas bien dicho soy adicta a los esmaltes! Tengo una coleccion mas o menos grande y ultimamente me he puesto a practicar algunos diseños en mi cuñis y sobrina. Aqui les dejo las fotos. Dejenme sus comentarios, quiero saber su opinion, buena o mala! Crítica constructiva :)

Para este diseño use mis colores favoritos! Morado y Turquesa... So far, este es mi diseño favorito. :D ------>

Para este diseño ------>
Use la tecnica que llaman "water marling" me tomo mucho tiempo, esmalte, y acetona. Pero por fin lo logre!

Zumba Fitness for Wii

One of my favorites classes at my local gym is Zumba! So when I heard that Zumba was coming to my gaming console, I could not wait to get my hands on it. I did not know the release date so by the time I tried to get the game I had a  hard time finding it. It was SOLD OUT at almost every store, I almost gave up but my husband searched and searched until he found it for me. He is the best! :) Back to the subject, I some what wish I would've given up. I am not very impressed with the game, it bored me very quickly. I could not believe it I love to ZUMBA and I was bored by it. I don't know it might be the difference in the atmosphere, but I find the moves very repetitive with every song. I still have several stages to unlock and I'm hoping that the moves will get a little harder and less repetitive!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Covergirl Looks @ Oscars Giveaway

Did you watch The 83rd Annual Academy Awards #OSCARS? The ladies looked gorgeous on the carpet carpet and two of them were wearing Covergirl make up. Is there a look you would like to recreate? Here is your chance! One of my lucky readers will have the chance to win 2 CoverGirl products of their choice, one from each OSCAR look below!
Sofia Vergara by Make-Up Artist Beau Nelson
Products used:
COVERGIRL LiquiLineBlast
COVERGIRL LashBlast Mascara
COVERGIRL NatureLuxe Silk Foundation
COVERGIRL Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush
COVERGIRL LipPerfection lipcolor

Hilary Swank by Make-Up Artist Monika Blunder
Products used:
COVERGIRL LiquilineBlast in Silver Spark
COVERGIRL Smoky ShadowBlast
COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume
COVERGIRL Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush
COVERGIRL NatureLuxe Silk Foundation
COVERGIRL NatureLuxe Gloss Balm

If you want to be red carpet ready with easy, breezy, beautiful, COVERGIRL here is your chance to win 2 COVERGIRL products of YOUR choice.

*Mandatory entry-You must follow me through Google Friend Connect. Please leave a comment with your user name and email.

Extra entries:
1. Follow me on twitter and tweet about this giveaway. (1 entry/per tweet-unlimited)
2. Like: Covergirl on facebook (1 entry)
3. Follow: Covergirl on twitter (1 entry)
4. Mention this giveaway on your blog (3 entries)

This giveaway ends on March 15, 2011 at 11:59pm. The winner will be randomly selected. Please leave your email and links in your comments. I reserve the right to disqualify any comment for not following the directions. *No compensation was received for this post*

The winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize.

Hillary Swank @ Oscar's Red Carpet by Make Up Artist Monika Blunder


“I wanted to really play up Hilary’s eyes and I used her gorgeous Gucci Premiere couture dress with beautiful shades of grey and satin as my color inspiration,” shared makeup artist Monika Blunder.

To create the soft but colorful eye look, I blended silvery colors across the eye and then opened up the eyes by using COVERGIRL LiquilineBlast in Silver Spark close to the top and bottom lash line. I used the darker colors on the outside of the eye lid and then the lighter, silver colors in the inside, using COVERGIRL Smoky ShadowBlast in Onyx Smoke to bring out the silver shades of her dress. I then curled the lashes (ten second hold on each eye) and added stunning volume with COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume in Very Black.

To complement Hilary’s eyes, I created a matte, flawless face and peachy cheeks for an overall soft look. I used a feathered blush brush to apply COVERGIRL Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush in Plush Peach in a circular motion to the apples of the cheeks. This creates a very soft, luminous look. To achieve a luxurious skin look at home, try COVERGIRL NatureLuxe Silk Foundation.

For the lips, I went with a very natural look, using COVERGIRL NatureLuxe Gloss Balm in Sandstone to add a pretty flush of luxurious color.


"Quise realmente resaltar los ojos de Hilary y me inspiré en la paleta de su precioso vestido de alta costura de Gucci Premiere, confeccionado en hermosas tonalidades de gris,” comentó la maquillista Monika Blunder.

Para crear el look de los ojos, muy maquillados pero en tonos suaves, mezcle varias tonalidades de plateado a lo largo de los párpados y los abrí utilizando el delineador COVERGIRL LiquilineBlast en la tonalidad Silver Spark cerca de la línea de las pestañas superiores e inferiores. Utilicé los colores más oscuros en la parte externa del párpado y los colores más claros, en plateado, en la parte interna. La sombra que utilicé fue la COVERGIRL Smoky ShadowBlast en la tonalidad Onyx Smoke para enfatizar los tonos plateados de su vestido. A continuación, ricé las pestañas (diez segundos en cada ojo) y les añadí volumen utilizando la mascara COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume en la tonalidad Very Black.

Para complementar los ojos de Hilary, cree un rostro mate y perfectamente parejo y pulido, con mejillas en melocotón para lograr un look delicado en su totalidad. Utilicé una brocha de plumas para aplicar el rubor COVERGIRL Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush en Plush Peach moviendo la brocha de forma circular sobre la parte más alta de las mejillas. Esto logra un efecto suave y luminoso. Para lograr un cutis igualmente parejo y perfecto en casa, pruebe la base COVERGIRL NatureLuxe Silk Foundation.

Para los labios, escogí un look muy natural, utilizando el bálsamo con brillo COVERGIRL NatureLuxe Gloss Balm en la tonalidad Sandstone para resaltar los labios con un hermoso y rico colorido.

Sofia Vergara @ Vanity Fair/Elton John’s OSCAR After-Party by Make-Up Artist Beau Nelson


I wanted to create an old-Hollywood glamour look inspired by Sophia Loren and Sofia's gorgeous black dress. For her eyes I applied a beige shadow on the lid and brown shadow in the crease then lined the top with COVERGIRL Line Exact in Black for added drama. On the bottom I lined her eyes with COVERGIRL LiquiLineBlast in Brown Blaze and finished the eyes with multiple coats of LashBlast Mascara in Black.

We wanted to keep Sofia's skin fresh and dewy so I applied COVERGIRL NatureLuxe Silk Foundation in Nutmeg for a flawless finish and added COVERGIRL Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush in Plush Peach to give her a natural glow.

I finished her look with a pink/beige lip using COVERGIRL LipPerfection lipcolor in Rush.


Sofía Vergara maquillada por el maquillista de celebridades Beau Nelson para la fiesta de Vanity Fair con Elton John.

Quise crear un look glamoroso al estilo del antiguo Hollywood, inspirado en Sofía Loren y en el precioso vestido negro que lució Sofía.

En el maquillaje de los ojos  apliqué una sombra color crema en los párpados y otra sombra café en la curvatura y a continuación, delinee la línea de las pestañas superiores con el delineador COVERGIRL Line Exact en Black para añadir un toque dramático.  En la línea de las pestañas inferiores, utilicé el delineador COVERGIRL LiquiLineBlast en la tonalidad Brown Blaze y puse punto final a los ojos con múltiples capas de LashBlast Mascara, en Black.

Quise también mantener el cutis de Sofía fresco y humectado, por lo que apliqué la base COVERGIRL NatureLuxe Silk Foundation en la tonalidad Nutmeg para lograr un terminado bien pulido.  Luego apliqué el rubor con el COVERGIRL Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush en Plush Peach para darle a las mejillas un brillo muy natural.

Completé su look con un lápiz labial en rosa/crema usando el creyón  COVERGIRL LipPerfection en la tonalidad Rush.