Monday, March 21, 2011

Funday Sunday

Yesterday after church we went to eat our fave food(Vietnamese) with the Garzas and after that we were on our way home and my husband tells me he wants to take my nephew to the flea market(I gave him the are you crazy?! look) only because he was on his way to drop me off at home! Do you know all the yummy treats I could buy at the pulga(flea market)?! Corn in a cup, raspas, chamoyadas, chicharrones, and I could keep going... Anyways, we get there and next thing you know we are on our way home. Good thing we left before I was able to get my hands on all those yummy treats and pack on some extra baggage I do not need. We get home and I realized my husband bought a harness to switch out my car stereo to a touch screen radio/DVD player, GOTTA LOVE HIM! My nephew decides he wants to help and of course the process takes them a little longer than it would've taken my husband if he was doing it alone. Once they finish my nephew runs inside the house super excited and literally drags me to the garage to show me their work. My nephew knows how excited I've been about the Hispanicize 2011 Conference and the great giveaway I entered to win a pass to the conference and he tells me: "Tia now that we have a DVD player in your car my tio and I could drive you to the conference!" If only it was as easy as driving me there, we live 1,500 miles away in Houston, TX. I just love his innocence and BIG heart! Thanks my loves, I enjoyed the sound of my favorite tunes this morning on my way to work.
They had to take the whole dashboard apart to get started!

The finished job... Thank you guys! :)


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