Sunday, March 6, 2011

A little about myself...

My name is Christy, I'm 24 years old and I currently work full time at a doctor's office as a receptionist. I am married to the love of my life, we have been together for seven years and are hoping that some day God will bless us with a beautiful, healthy baby. For the moment we are focused on each other, trying to grow together and enjoy life. I was born in Nuevo Laredo, Tamps, Mexico on October 13, 1986. I have two brothers and I was raised by a wonderful, strong, independent, hard working woman, whom I'm thankful to have as my mother! We moved to the United States when I was 12 years old, my mother raised me in Galveston, TX. She worked several jobs to provide me with everything I needed and wanted. What I enjoyed the most while living in the island was an afternoon walk on the beach with my mother, my friends, or my boyfriend,  now husband. I currently reside in Houston, TX. I miss the beach and all the great people I met while I was in middle and high school. When I was in high school I had the great opportunity to belong to different groups like BESTT, Hispanic Dance, LULAC, and the Spanish Honor Society which allowed me to help and educate others. I have always enjoyed meeting and helping people, in BESTT I got the opportunity to tutor children after school and help them with their struggling subjects in school. As a Latina one of my hobbies is dancing, in Hispanic Dance I had the opportunity to perform Bailes Regionales for my fellow classmates as well as put together performances for other schools. Folkloric Dancing allowed us to show the beauty of the region we were representing through the colorful dresses, choreographies, make up and hairstyles. Since I could remember I have been dancing different types of Bailes Regionales, representing Mi Mexico Lindo y Querido! A great way to express myself and represent my place of birth.
 On this pic I'm 5 years old, celebrating Las Fiestas Patrias and I'm wearing a handmade dress by mother with the design of the Mexican Flag!

I started my blog 8 months ago because with the responsabilities of being a "grown up" I don't have the same opportunities to get involved in my community as I did in my high school years. Through my blog I get to meet new people, share my day to day experiences, and review/recommend restaurants and products. I enjoy writing about beauty, health tips, local events, restaurants, and my hopes and dreams. So you might be asking yourself why the bio after 8 months? I am writting this post with the hopes of winning a pass to the Hispanicize 2011 conference in Los Angeles, CA. Hispanicize is a conference taking place from April 6-8 that focuses on Latino social media, blogging, and public realtions. This is a great opportunity to reach out meet Latino bloggers, expand my knowledge, give my opinion and express myself! It will be an honor and privelege to attend this conference that focuses on mi gente. Please give me this great opportunity!

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