Tuesday, November 15, 2011

FyrFlyz Light Up the Night

FyrFlyz are easy-to-use precision balance lighted toys. By simply swinging two strings and applying tension or allowing slack, you can create a continuous movement of multi-color light shapes from small and large orbits, to flywheels, fyrewheels and more! Each FyrFlyz has its own unique color combination to create color-coordinated craziness.

Recently we had the opportunity to host a party and review FyrFlyz. There are three varieties: Blue Angel - blue and multicolor madness, Cyclone - white and green rays of streaming light, and NytFyr - red and white streaks. My favorite is Blue Angel  and the kids loved all 3 of them. It only took them a few minutes to figure out how to use them and they were entertained for hours.

Before hosting our party we took them out to light up the streets for Halloween. Instead of the glow in the dark sticks the kiddo used his FyrFlyz and was turning heads through every street he passed!

FyrFlyz is the most have toy for every kid this Christmas! They are small, easy to use and can will keep your child entertained for hours. Hurry and get yours because they are flying off the shelves. FyrFlyz retails for under $10 each and are collectible for ages 8 & up. They are available at Toys 'R Us, CVS, Rite Aid & Amazon.

Some specialty retailers also carry FyrFlyz to find out which ones in your area do go to http://fyrflyz.com/find-a-retailer

Disclosure - No compensation was received for this post. We only received product to review and share with our friends.


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