Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Digest Diet: Day 3

Done with Day 3, 1 more day to go on phase 1 (Fast Release). Today I was tempted by some of my favorite things, jalapeno chips, oatmeal raisin cookies & my mom's cooking! I even asked for a chip, 1. But I did not have anything I wasn't supposed to. I knew I would greatly regret it as soon as I was done eating it. So I stuck to my diet and I had a shake for breakfast, my crunchy snack, the Hearty Chicken Mexican Soup for lunch and another shake for dinner. Nothing new to report, we continue on our path and tomorrow night I will update you guys on my weight loss and the hubby's weight loss.
The hubby refuses to have anything else but shakes for all his meals. He says as long as he is not hungry he can handle one more day of shakes! Whatever rocks his boat. He is happy and looks forward to stepping on that scale tomorrow.
Come back tomorrow to see our update after we are done with Phase 1.
-Disclosure: I am not being endorsed by The Digest Diet or The Reader's Digest. I purchased the program and this and any other post about the program are to inform my readers only.


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