Friday, November 2, 2012

30 for 30 Challenge

Since giving birth to our son back on March I have managed to lose all my baby weight(50lbs). I am very happy about that, but I'm still not at my desire weight. My BMI still considers me "overweight" and I would like to see it back in the "normal" range. My goal now is to lose an additional 15-20lbs on top of the already 50lbs lost. & this time of year it's a little harder to lose weight with the holidays fast approaching. This means turkey, pies and yummy casseroles. But it also means extra calories to burn. 

So this month besides training for the Turkey Trot run I decided to join Alba from Independent Mami in her 30 for 30 challenge. She herself had a beautiful baby girl December of last year. Alba also has managed to lose her baby weight, so congrats to her on that! But she is also not happy with the way her body looks and wants to lose more weight and wants a flat belly. So her challenge for November is 30 sit-ups for 30 days. Sound very doable. So I have decided to give up 5minutes of time a day and join in on the challenge. 

If you would like to join the challenge visit Alba over at Independent Mami and link up your post!   

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