Monday, July 8, 2013

Motivational Monday - WOD & Banana Pancakes

Today’s Highlights Crossfit Graffiti & Banana Pancakes
Hi guys, welcome to week 2 of my Motivational Monday! Each Monday I will highlight the WOD – Workout of the Day and a clean recipe.  In the hopes of motivating someone out there; as promised below is an updated picture of my progress. First picture in pink shirt is from months January-April/May, second picture in purple was taken today.
I am the fittest that I have been in years!!! 
Today’s WOD courtesy of Crossfit Graffiti:
 20 Min AMRAP
AMRAP - As Many Rounds As Possible
25 Russian(Eye Level) Kettle Bell Swings
25 ft Bear Crawl
200 Meter Run
***I was able to complete 7 whole sets + 25KB + 1 25ft Bear Crawl in 20 minutes.***
Today’s Recipe Banana Blueberry Pancakes:
1 ripe banana
1 TB Flaxseed Meal
4 TB Almond Meal Flour
1 TB Almond Milk
2 Eggs
Mash the banana & mix with eggs, once well mixed add flaxseed meal and almond meal flour. Last add almond milk and mix well; at this point fold in 1/2 of your favorite fruit I'm sure by now you can tell mine is blueberries! Batter makes 5-6 pancakes.
        Last week:       
Weight 136lbs
BMI 26.0
Fat % 30.2
Weight 135lbs
BMI 25.5
Fat % 29.8
Short Term Goals:
Weight 130lbs
Fat % 25.0

Long Term Goals:
Weight 125lbs
Fat % 20.0
Until next time! Going off for a late run!


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